Homefront Leaked Online?

If the source is legitimate, THQ’s upcoming first person shooter, Homefront has been leaked online.

Not much is currently known, but from the source screenshot below, it would appear that it is a PC version that has been leaked. If it is a PC version is available, most likely it won’t be long until a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 version becomes available.

Do you have more proof that the leak is real or even some to prove otherwise? Comment below.


[Editor note: Neither Just Push Start or the writer condones piracy]

3 thoughts on “Homefront Leaked Online?

  1. Sadly. This is the downfall of the ‘street dates’ system. Most shops receive games a week or so in advance to release. So all it takes is one greasy one, to let a copy slip onto the net.

    To save from this crap happening. These companies need to drop the whole streetdated BS, and just release stuff when ready!

    I’ve had my copy of Dragon Age 2 sitting under the counter at work for a week now. And day by day it makes me more angry over the streetdate issue. Considering i could have been PLAYING the game all weekend u_u

  2. @Desfunk,

    Actually, this has nothing to do with the “street date” system. The copy that was leaked was a Steam copy. It was a completely digital leak, not from a physical DVD or anything, so this really has nothing to do with the “street date” system. Not to say that these kind of things do happen because of that, since all X360/PS3 leaks are because of this, but this one in general has nothing to do with it.

  3. @Desfunk
    I nearly fell of my chair in a fit of laughter after reading your comment. Talk about policing yourself and obeying authority. My gosh the sheer brainwashed-ness of some people is staggering and beyond belief. Why on earth do you allow yourself to be controlled by corporations in this way? If you WANT to play the game just play the goddam game and stop listening to all these corporations who have far too much power anyway. NOBODY is stopping you play it except yourself.

    I know its a bit extream but George Orwells ‘1984’ thought police comes to mind. LOL
    Just grow the stones and backbone to stop following orders for once and you might suddenly get enlightened to a new way of living my friend. lol

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