Rift Receives A New Patch

Players who are currently having a head start on Trion’s Rift can expect a patch the next time they access the launcher.

Later tonight, Trion will be taking down the North American shards offline to do some pre-launch updates. The downtime is only for an hour.

Below is the full patch notes. Rift for the PC will finally be available tomorrow on March 1st. Check back with us soon for our impressions on the game.

* Ancient Wardstone area quests now automatically shut down one hour after completion or failure. You will need to use your Ascended Power to reactivate the wardstone.
* Fixed a bug with last login time not saving correctly for guild members. The existing display will be updated the next time a guild member logs in.

* Forces of the Plane of Death: Changed to require sealing of any Death Rift in Freemarch for updates.
* The Means of the Endless: Drop rate of the Attunement Shard increased to 100% from the Endless Nightbringer.
* Follow That Gnar: The Gnar should be easier to follow, and not disappear from the path.


* A Hymn of Frost and Flame: Enkarus Scourge mobs spawned during this quest no longer give experience or loot.

* Past is Prologue: Quest can now be completed normally by all Guardian players.

* There is now a shorter AFK timer for Warfronts, and players exceeding it will be immediately kicked out.
* The Black Garden: Holding the Fang while on the ‘ledge’ of your respective faction starting area will award fewer points.
* The Codex: Players should no longer be able to get into the Vault through clever jumping.

* Reporting spam will now also automatically ignore the the sender.