Pre-Order Specials For Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is ready to come out on April 19 2011 and pre-orders are being divvied up among game providers already. We already know that that the PS3 version is coming exclusively with Kratos and with so many providers for gamers to pick from, it’s only expected that gamers get some special additions from each provider to sway their decision.

Amazon: Reptile’s classic skin and fatality

GameStop: Scorpion’s classic skin and fatality

Best Buy: Subzero’s classic skin and fatality

Gamestop is also offering two additions of Mortal Kombat; the Kollector’s Edition and the Tournament Edition.

The Kollector’s Edition gives you a figurine of Subzero and Scorpion, an art book filled with concept artwork of all your Mortal Kombat characters and scenes, and a retro ninja costume as well.

The Tournament Edition gives you a retro Mortal Kombat fighting stick inspired by retro arcade style gaming, a retro ninja costume, and inspired costumes for your avatar on the PSN/XBOX360.