Fallout: New Vegas Infinite Bottle Caps Money Glitch Trick

One of the most well known glitch in Fallout 3 was the ability to obtain mostly an infinite amount of bottle caps from a vendor in towns. In New Vegas, the glitch is back!

For players who doesn’t know how to do a trick, we prepared a video and a step by step guide on how to exploit the Money Glitch trick. Take note that each vendor in towns has a certain amount of caps in possession. When the vendor doesn’t have any bottle caps yet, wait until the next day to try the trick again.

Below are the step by step guide on how to exploit the Money Glitch:

1. Go to any vendor in town.
2. Go to the Weapons tab and look for a weapon that has two quantities but different price.
3. If there is only one weapon that you can find and you have an extra in your inventory, sell it and you should notice that the price is going to change.
4. Buy the cheapest of the two weapons
5. Sell it back
6. Buy it again
7. When you sell it this time, the amount of caps that the vendor will buy will be doubled depending on the weapon.
8. Repeat the process.

17 thoughts on “Fallout: New Vegas Infinite Bottle Caps Money Glitch Trick

  1. @outwar6010
    Might as well just have an option at the start to have unlimited cash? What’s the point of wasting time exploiting this glitch; does repetition make it fun?

  2. this glitch worked only once for me .. after the first time the glitch started working in the shop owners favor

  3. and for anyone that doesnt want this glitch to go away just dont update the game .. your just gonna have to deal with all the other bugs in the game

  4. I confirm this trick. It works for me, but, it also depends on which vendor you go too. I went to gun runners and did ther trick for evrything the robot had. Then, I went back later and it didnt work. So its just a 50/50 chance of doing it. It also doesnt work for all weapons.

  5. I found another infinite cap glitch involving a sexbot in Freeside. If you do the Big Wang Wanna Bango mission get a holotape for the robot and accept his services when you first activate him. Then go to the Atom Wrangler Casino in Freeside collect your reward then go and talk to Fisto the sexbot and decline his services and he gives you 10 caps each time you decline.

  6. I found some sort of glitch with Cliff Briscoe in Novac… I was constantly buying everything he had and then playing him in caravan to win it all back and then selling the merch elsewhere. I go in this one time and do it but when I go to win the caravan hand the game freezes! Keep trying and eventually figured out that once I give him all the weapons back that he didn’t lose money but I kept gaining! Then kept playing him in caravan and winning more and more money… Anyone else have this happen?

  7. Theres another glitch that’s better. It got pached so only xbox people cna do it. First complete the “My kind of town” quest in Primm. Wait 3 GAME days OUTSIDE of Primm. Go to the Vikki and Vance casino. Walk inside and wait for some thugs to come. Let them go free (OR KILL THEM). Go back outside of primm. Wait 3 MORE game days. GO back to the casino and enter. Look for the cashier. Select “I’d like to buy chips” or something like that. Then scroll down to exchange chips. Select caps or anything else. She will give you the caps BUT NOT REMOVE CHIPS FROM YOUR INVENTORY!. So it’s like yhour asking “Hey can i have some caps” and she’s like “here ya go :D”. It also works for Legion and NCR money. (BUT IT’S PATCHED SO YOU HAVE TO DELETE THE PATCH D:)

  8. I remember this glitch from Fallout3 Its real easy,but requires REAL LIFE LUCK!
    BTW To join eXoutsiders,a glitch clan. Just add juferrell on the PS3

  9. For those saying the glitch works in the vendors favor, continue doing it, i happened to me while using an assault carbine, first it was worth nothing when sold then the second time worth almost 2 grand. it will just take double the time, you may think your losing money but it worked fine for me, i cleaned out the gun runners and crimson caravan, then i use the mojave drop box in freeside to send everything to primm, i am unsure if you can do this with anything other than guns though, havent given it a try yet.

    When Boone gives you the finger, he is telling you how many seconds you have to live.

  10. how long does it take a vendor to get back to their original total of caps also this is a great way to get 100% condition weapons for near nothing

  11. i got 112,522 bottle caps out of this glitch.
    i used the gun runner venortron if you are in an high enough level he’ll get 8000 caps every wednessday

  12. and it works fine for me cause i got and crappy condition lever-action shotgun and 10 mm submarinegun so if it fails with the submarinegun i just use the lever-action shotgun but i never have any problems with this glitch

  13. It’s best to do the glitch with a recharger pistol or grenade machine gun those always work for me

  14. Want a way to get caps well heres an idea.

    Get Some Companions And Kill BoS Use The Terminal Its in the security room
    on the left the password s on the Right Side of the codes so pick wise
    are save it then when ur done hacking set the Mark II Turrents to kill all the BoS members
    but they do respawn in 3 days with the companions you can store ur weapons you collected
    when you raided BoS and take them to Gun Runners Make sure your Barter is 100% if you want for money! Already

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