Demon’s Souls Gets a Price Drop

The highly acclaimed fantasy role-playing game Demon’s Souls has finally received a price drop making it affordable for every RPG gamers out there.

Demon’s Souls can now be purchased at a low price of $39.99. The price drop is a pretty sweet deal as the game originally retailed for $59.99. That’s a third of the price slashed.

Demon Soul’s is an RPG game from the developer From Software. It is set in a dark European-style world as is played in third person. The game has garnered critical acclaim and is has been available in Japan and North America since 2009. If you have not played the game before now is the perfect time. The game is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

PAL gamers can look forward to the come June 25th. Although the price drop is only effective for USA gamers. You can score your copy of Demon’s Souls for $39.99 at Gamestop plus any other participating retailers.

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