Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Details

Originally we were going to have to wait until April 5th for details on Redemption’s multiplayer aspect, but thanks to a Dutch magazine we can enjoy a little bit now. Magazine reveals that this multiplayer differs from all the others by excluding the traditional lobby for friends and strangers to meet up and wait to play.  All players start out in free roam with the entire single player map at their disposal.  Here’s a piece from the article:

Read Dead Redemption has an extensive multiplayer mode. Instead of a lobby, it begins with a free-roaming multiplayer mode where players can run freely through the game world. They can form gangs with other players they meet there, and this transition can be computer controlled bandits.

Not enough to whet your appetite?  You and your friends can also take part in hunting or horse keeping if you so choose.  Maybe you need more structure in which case you will probably try out Gold Rush immediately.  Gold Rush is one of the available modes and is a free-for-all deathmatch where everyone must look out for others while collecting bags of gold.  It was stated that there will also be variant of Capture the Flag along with your average deathmatch.

It was bad enough that the game was delayed to May 18th, but now with this new information the wait will feel like an eternity.  Check back as details on the other modes are unveiled.