PS3 3.21 Firmware Now Available

The firmware that will disable the OS Install function on the PlayStation 3 is now available for download. Upon signing on the PlayStation Network, you will be prompted to download the update. Yes, it is mandatory and you will have no other choice but to download it. Deal with it, it will help the PlayStation 3 have less pirates.

The firmware download shouldn’t take that long since it’s around 100MB. I don’t see that the firmware affects anything yet. We’ll inform you if it does.

10 thoughts on “PS3 3.21 Firmware Now Available

  1. I will not just DEAL WITH IT! It’s my PS3 and I will do what I want with it. Sony can kiss my a$$, my only option seems to be using Geohot’s update

  2. i’ve heard that it actually adds backwards compatability to slim PS3s/ fat PS3s without it. i have a fat ps3 with it though, so i can’t confirm.

  3. Sony will take some heat for this.

    Paid what $600 for this thing almost four years later your taking options away from me? How bout a fix for my browser that constantly freezes up ? Didnt happen at all til about three updates ago. I called Sony and since Im out or warrenty they said to send it to them with a check for $150.

    I didnt even use the feature but was aware of its potenital. If enough people speak up maybe legal action is possible.

  4. “Deal with it” ?

    That’s a really dumb thing to say. The right move here would’ve been to pull an Apple — keep the feature and make it harder to exploit.

    All this does is hurt legitimate users of the “OtherOS” feature. Hackers will ALWAYS find a way to exploit a system, no matter how many protective features are put into place.

  5. After update problems with ps3mediaserver when streaming video’s to ps3. Network error. ps3mediaserver is shutting down.

  6. um when i update will I get back my 10 gig used for “other OS”??? this is my main concern!

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