In the End… There Will Be Only Chaos….

The End will begin today. Just an hour ago, the much awaited game of everyone in 2010 has finally landed in our Las Vegas Office. God of War 3 coverage is on schedule and you can expect tid-bits of it starting Monday when the Embargo lifts. You might be wondering, what will the coverage really cover? Well, one of the things that I would like to announce is that our first JPS’ Official Strategy Guide of God of War 3 will be available just in time for the game’s release on March 16th.

Starting next week, we’ll do a segment of God of War 3 and the things you should know about before you can declare war with the Gods of Olympus. Yes, it’s a tough and dangerous journey ahead… Just remember, In the End… There Will Be Only Chaos…

Embargo lifts on Monday at 9PM PST.

2 thoughts on “In the End… There Will Be Only Chaos….

  1. Cool!! Cannot wait.
    BTW why did you reviece a normal retial copy for review while other recieved the promo copy (without case or manual)?

  2. Hi Deadlyelder-

    Those are the people with debug consoles. The promo copy can either be review code *only playable on Debug*, or a proof disc that is just the disc but plays in retail PS3s.

    Thank you for the support. We will have big coverage of GoW3 starting Monday until next week. Everyday you will find out something about God of War 3 that will get everyone excited ;)

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