This Week’s Nintendo Downloads (Europe)

The Secret of Shinobi and Stop Stress: Days of Fury are the main focuses this week, along with some simple but altogether lovely DSiWare games.

Shadow Dancer: The Secret Of Shinobi (Virtual Console, Sega: 800 Nintendo Points) was originally released for the Mega Drive in 1991. It’s another 2D action game which sees you playing as ninja master Shinobi who, with his dog, has to take on a new reptilian enemy.

Stunt Cars (WiiWare, Icon Games: 800 Nintendo points) is a stunt racing game with tracks featuring chicanes, ramps, raised hairpin turns, half-pipes and UFO’s!

Stop Stress: Days Of Fury (WiiWare, Abylight: 800 Nintendo Points) sounds like a self-help therapy package but its an action game which puts you in the shoes of the word’s most stressed man who has to battle against all sorts of enemies in a bid to escape his horrible urban life.

Sokomania (DSiWare, Cinemax: 200 Nintendo Points) is a simple puzzle game in which the goal is simply to push crates onto designated squares.

Move Your Brain: Rollway Puzzle, (DSiWare, Assoria: 500 Nintendo Points) is a ball-rolling puzzle game which enables you to tilt your DSi to roll the ball around the mazes and towards to goal.

Art Academy: Second Semester (DSiWare Nintendo: 800 Nintendo Points) promises to polish your art skills by teaching techniques used by famous impressionists. You’ll have the chance to paint famous artworks such as The Hay Wain and the Mona Lisa.