Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Coming to WiiWare Next Week

In celebration of the New Year, Capcom will be releasing the fan-favorite, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney for the Nintendo Wii via WiiWare starting next week. The game will be available on January 11 for 1000 Wii Points. Ace Attorney is the very first game that debuted on the Nintendo DS that follows the story of Attorney Phoenix Wright as he cracks games and investigate in this puzzle game.

The story kicks off with Phoenix Wright defending his childhood friend Larry Butz from a murder charge. But this is only the beginning drama for the tenacious legal eagle as Wright faces unexpected tragedies that will test the limits of his incredible deductive prowess. In May, owners of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be able to download the bonus episode that appeared in the original Nintendo DS™ version of the game. It will cost 100 Wii Points.