New Dead Or Alive Title Announced For PSP

Tecmo and Tecmo Koei America have announced its’ famed Dead or Alive series will go handheld for the first time with a game being released for the PSP.

The game is titled Dead or Alive: Paradise and will be an extension to the Dead or Alive Xtreme series. Again this game will only feature the female DOA characters prancing around in skimpy clothing and is set in a new island called New Zack Island. Tecmo’s mascot Rio from the Rio De Carnival series joins the DOA group exclusively for this new title.

Game Features include:

Social Photographer: You’re equipped with a camera to take around the island and take photos of anyone in sight

Mini-Games: Earn money by scoring high in beach volleyball, pool hopping and at the casino

Befriending: Give gifts and grow a stronger bond with the other girls

Bathing Suits Galore: Choose your favorites from over 100 designs

Private Paradise: Watch Paradise Flicks of girls on New Zack Island, some of whom may be wearing your favorite bathing suit

Chill Out to Your Favorite Tunes: Use MP3s in the Music folder of your Memory Stick Duo™ as the soundtrack to your fantasies

The game is tentatively expected to be released in North America for Spring 2010. The game should also be released in other territories sometime around this release bracket as well.