Metalocalypse Game Set To Realease In 2010

It was annnounced that in early 2010, a game based on Metalocalypse would be set loose on the PSN Store and XBL Market. For those of you going “What the hell is Metalocalypse?!?” It’s a television show on Adult Swim based on the fictional band Dethklok and their everyday lives.

Anyways, the game set to be released is titled Metalocalypse: Dethgame. It revolves around the life of a Klokateer, Dethklok’s loyal and crazy brand of roadies. You take control of this character in a 3rd person beat em up and fight mutant fans as you protect all that is metal. The game will feature tracks from both of Dethklok’s albums. Look for this game in the near future as well as more information on our site.