District 9: The Game?

Neil Blomkamp, the director of the critically acclaimed sci-fi movie District 9, has told the LA Times he’s interested making a prequel or sequel to his movie as well as the possibility of producing a video game.

Although the thought of a video game based on a film has made the director feel a little nervous. As most of the time video games based on films always aren’t that great, and vice versa. He is still open to the idea but he just wants to make sure the project is done right.

“The idea of “District 9″ as a video game stresses me out a little bit because games based on movies rarely work,” Blomkamp said. ”And movies based on games don’t work — I don’t know what’s up with that.”

“District 9 as a game would be fascinating,” said Blomkamp. “And I don’t want to see it happen for any sort of corporate reason or profit thing. I used to be involved in computer graphics and I love virtual environments. That’s why I like video games, really. And I think a virtual environment of the slums of Soweto is an appealing idea to me. The weapons are cool, too. I photographed the film in a way that isn’t that different than video-game perspective in some parts. So a game would be interesting to me. There’s nothing happening with it though.”

Nothing is set in stone yet as Neil Blomkamp is busy working on another movie that is unrelated to District 9.