10 Games To Be Released for “PlayStation Arc” Launch

The Tokyo based article Nikkei announced that the motion controller for the PlayStation 3 will be released with about ten games when it comes out. These games will range from pet simulators to sports games. The article did not announce who these games would be developed or published by.

Only Capcom and EA have been announced as companies (besides Sony) that is developing titles for the release of the new controller. The Japanese version of Resident Evil 5 will feature motion based controls while the NA version will not. There has also been a rumor of EA developing sports games for the new PS3 controller.  How many of these games will actually come to Europe or North America is still a mystery for now.

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  1. Good article mate! The Playstation 3, I consider is the best when it comes to system gaming. Nobody can ever control it’s processing ability, and graphics. It leads the 3rd generation system race and will probably always be considered as a top level to system gaming.

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