UK Department Store Selling 1 Wii a Minute

According to sources, the major British department store John Lewis are shifting one Nintendo Wii per minute in anticipation for the Holidays.

Department store, John Lewis has announced that it is selling one Nintendo Wii every minute as customers get ready for digital family gaming this Christmas.

Helen Keppel-Compton, head of consumer electronics for John Lewis says, “In a recent John Lewis Christmas study, 75% of respondents said that computer games proved the most popular with children beyond Christmas and last year sales of computer games soared a staggering 500%. The Wii is a great way of getting the whole family up and active, which is also reflected in our top three best selling games; Sports Resort and Motion, Winter Sports 2009 and Mario Kart and Wheel.”

This just proves how much Nintendo are changing the industry. This is quite exceptional, and I must say, a bit of a shock.