God of War 3 & Dante’s Inferno Comparison Video

The release of the Dante’s Inferno demo raised some awareness to gamers. They believe that the game is very similar to God of War 3. We here at Just Push Start managed to compare both demos side by side on the PlayStation 3 and this is what we came up with…

Did you noticed something? Same intro perhaps? Leave a comment letting us know what you think.

NOTE: the HD version of this video will be uploaded later today for stream and download.

24 thoughts on “God of War 3 & Dante’s Inferno Comparison Video

  1. I have played both demos. I played GoW 3 first, which stayed true to its normal gameplay mechanics. When I started up Dante’s Inferno I felt like I was playing GoW with a different skin over it. The controls are exactly the same and so are the weapon types. Not to mention the use of quick time events. Both demos played out similarly too. For example, Kratos took control of a Cyclops to smash his enemies, whereas Dante rode on top of a large demonic beast (goat?) to cause more destruction as well. Even though they are similar in the way they play the stories are what set them apart. It is that reason alone that I am still very intrigued by Dante’s Inferno and will be purchasing it.

  2. OK I just can’t stand the hypocrisy anymore.

    All the idiots who say that Dante’s Inferno sux because the DEMO is a lot like GoW’s DEMO really need to explain why they say so.

    Because if they are similar, then SURELY you will like both games?????

    Who cares if it’s a rip off??? If every game in future is a ripoff of GoW then you should all be happy because we would just have AWESOME games!!!

  3. When I played the Dante’s Inferno demo I just thought I may as well just play God of War. But for some reason the combat didn’t seem as satisfying. I was also disappointed by the graphics so I won’t be buying it.

    Sorry EA, but keep on making different games

  4. I Played both and hands down god of war for me. GOW3 1080 Dante’s 720 duh?
    But I would be a fool to say that Dante’s is not going to be a good game but I will be buying GOW3 and renting Dante’s

  5. I as well have played both of the Demos, and I have to say they are extremely similar and felt like it was almost the same game. As for the graphics i thought Dantes Inferno had very good graphics, but not as good as GOW! Ill be buying GOW i may gamefly DI…

  6. After seeing what some ppl have written about Dante’s Inferno being a clone of GOW and that means to them that it sucks, well I realize that bcoz GOW is PS3 exclusive and all the hype coming with it, they fear that a multiplatform game can beat them. It was a bit the same for xbox 360 users who fear that quantum theory might be better than Gears but with the difference that GOW already proved itself and came well before.

  7. WHAT! THE GRAPHICS ON DANTES INFERNO KICK THE SHIT OUT OF GOW!I thought the demo was amazing! I going to get the collectors edition just because the publishers deserve the money!. And although gow and i play the same its the game content that makes the game. DA is alot more epic than GOW. But GOW 3 is more brutal. IM going DI all the way baby.

  8. what the heck man ? dante is not even close to gow. graphics is better in gow. and controls are much more smoother. and even if dante copied gow, thats the main reason many ppl wont buy it or like it, bcuz the developers didnt put any effort and innovations into their product.

  9. UM! Hello? They are both hack-and-slash games? OF COURSE THEY WILL BE SIMILAR! GOWIII will easily be GOTY next year! I pre-ordered Just Cause 2 Limited Edition and Dante’s Inferno Death Edition this morning and I can’t wait!

    From the reactions of people that saw the “secret” footage of God of War III at that Sony Press Conference I’m guessing this is game is (a nice little quote from Brutal Legend) ‘Not going to blow your mind, it’s going to blow your soul!’. This guy was genuinely speechless! I’ve seen his podcasts before and he’s not exactly shy but after that… WOW! He was saying that ‘it will easily be nominated for GOTY without a doubt’ and ‘sorry, I’m still recovering from it’.

  10. Just ponder this. If one successful game is created in a genre, the all future games in that genre are considered clones. Its a damn hacknslash game, so of course the two will be similar.

  11. the God Of War 3 demo was running on an old build of their engine for E3. You can’t even compare the two yet, until the final release build of GoW 3 is released. So i mean. that is extremely dumb.

  12. sure, if they are hack and slash games, they will be similar, but look at the comparison video, and play the demos yourself. the power bars and the health bars are in the same exact position, and the only thing that is different is that the kill combo is on the different side of the screen.
    honestly ea ripped this game off from sony. im not a fanboy, and oliver–just because ppl say that its a copy, it doesnt mean that ppl are scared that a multiplatform game will beat them, its because if you have ever played god of war 1, 2, or the demo of 3, you will realize that the game has the same exact screen display and buttons, and orbs disbursement as the god of war series. please realize that.

  13. I’ve tried both demos and I think that DI is a complete rip off of the GOW series. Here’s why:
    *Controls are identical
    *Battle mechanics and animation are too similar (quick time event, the way the weapon/characters/AI moves)
    *Item (orbs and the way to obtain them i.e. button smash)

    I agree that if the games are the same, they should be equally enjoyable, but unfortunately, ripping off doesnt automatically mean that DI is going to be identical to GOW. Firstly, the graphic. They’re not as good as GOW3 (which btw has a newer build and it will be showcased in january). The graphic for DI, as many people on other forums and websites have stated, is kinda like GOW 2.5.
    2ndly, the battle animation/mechanic. This is going to be a little vague but I feel that DI’s battle system isnt as fluid as that of GOW.

  14. If dantes inferno is a rip of of gow than gow is a rip of of devil may cry. Your all a buch of fools. Hahahahaha. Sh-t the Fu-k up fool. Enjoy the games.

  15. k…speedy…gow is like devil may cry because it is a HACK AND SLASH but it does not copy everything like DI did of GOW…but DI and GOW are both good games DI is like the toned down version of god of war for 360 i will be getting gow3 but renting di…i recommend gow3 for ps3 owners and for 360 DI(well thats our only choice)

  16. God Of war 3 is the game to buy. I have both a PS3 and an XBOX and every other system you can think of all way back to colecovision and The Ps3 sucks when it comes to P2p Platforming. The online is slow and the servers lag, not to mention the costumer service is shit, and I lost a 60 gig OG ps3 because the blue ray lens went out more then a year ago and they wouldn’t replace it…………….And still God of War 3 is the better game. Dante’s is a good game that ripped off GOW3. Ive Played Dante’s on the ps3 and on the xbox, its the same thing. but god of war 3 looks better and is smoother, better story line, especially if you played the first 2. Dante’s is great but its just something the people at EA Burrowed from Sony. Im almost positive they are running on the same engine with different camera angles and different stats here and there. I really think Sony got paid for that engine. I also noticed the psp version of Dante’s is almost exactly the psp god of war engine. I have 3 dantes and i have my money down for GodOW3. Btw Just to prove the developers dont care about dante……. dantes inferno is a book. There is no part 2. thats it. and as for all the comics they are trying to put out for it, they did the same thing for dead space. ever notice that dead space, and army of two have the same engine? or how metal gear 4 and assassins creed share the same engine? Extra money, They even sold out MGS4’s engine for MG rising on xbox. its not the developers getting the extra cash, its there bosses. God of war isnt a rip off of devil may cry, a bayonetta is. If anything god of war is a rip of of Dynasty Warriors. THE END.

  17. you see dante’s inferno has better story.The bad thing is the controls are the same with GOW3 but in the last part when kratos fights Zeus the place where they fight is so small i mean its just like your fighting in a bridge unlike Dante’s inferno when he fights Lucifer which is like fighting at an arena you can go here to here unlike GOW3 with Zeus it has a small space for a BIG FIGHT but still both games are cool

  18. Well, both are good games, I prefer God of War….And you are all lucky people talking about which game you get…I only have a crappy laptop and I still play all PS1 games and Sonic’s adventure is brilliant…I can get tons of awesome games and I don’t even have as much as a graphics card…I have the money to get a ps3 and video games I just think it’s a waste

    God of war is original
    Dante’s inferno is made by EA…
    Have you forgotten what EA did to Westwood studios…I’m 16 yet I know that company is evil…only games made out of EA’s studios (GTAIV, etc) are good, EA destroys or copies franchises….
    EA closes and buys of small successful studios and then fires all of the members…
    The people working for ea are mostly overworked or else they can be fired.
    ….Almost nobody today knows what a good game really is… and as for the copying part let me say when it is acceptable and when it is not…

    Example (Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & clank) =even similar titles
    both games looked almost the same graphically… similar names….But the weapon systems were different. The vehicles where different, the game engine was different… the animation was different, the levelling up was different…and these games where both platformers, depicting a whole new galaxy, yet when copying something it has to be your own view of it or your own use for it….For example you can’t copyright skeletons in pirate stories….The same goes for the health bar argument….Now the real issue is this, God of War was a success, EA and Microsoft wanted some cut of the action (money mostly) so they just completely ripped of the game, found some random story to dress it in and left it in the hands of their best people…in the end if you like one more then the other just play it…I will play god of war in my pc (without even a graphics card mind you) and then I will still have enough money to go to Universal Studios in Orlando for four days!

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