Modern Warfare 2 Party Invite 1.03 Patch Now Available (PS3)

The party invite patch that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The next time you boot Modern Warfare 2 and attempt to play online, the new 1.03 patch will be pushed on your PlayStation 3. With the new patch now available for download, it will finally allow you to invite people over at your friend’s list and play multiplayer with them.

Good job Infinity Ward! Now, everything seems to be running fine! Good job indeed!

17 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Party Invite 1.03 Patch Now Available (PS3)

  1. am I the only one still having issues with invites? Cause it doesn’t seem to be working for me. Always says “game session no longer valid.” or something along those lines. WHAT is going on.

  2. They are waiting for the P. server to be turned on back in Japan. They are estimating around 2am ET on NOV.13th. Friday the 13th..o, o. More trouble?

  3. still F******* Fetching Playlists… this sucks left my PS3 on for 2 hours came bac and its still on fetching servers… c’mon what the hell is wrong???

  4. What the heck are you saying? everything works fine for me and my friends! Been working from wednesday like a dream. Yesterday made 200 kills.(Finland)

  5. Yeah that patch (1.03) did a whole lot of nothing after they released it everyone still reported invite issues not fixed and the MW2 developers stated that sony’s network was the problem and then after that announcement at 11:45pm last night the MW2 developers announced the party invites were fixed but still no one can use them wtf is going on infinity ward?

  6. Patch 1.03 fixed problems caused by 1.02. still waiting for patch for invites. I had a week off work just to play COD:MW2 online with some friends and we have hardley been able to play!

  7. Well i was hoping to find this here….. alot of people have found ways around the invite friends. They said something like “sign onto your game and have the friend send you invite, when you hit the ps3 button to check your mail sign off and sign back on. then go to your messages and click join”

    Unfortunatly none of my friends are signed on now. so i have no way of insuring this works. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR LOL i was hoping i’d see something along those lines here to verify. but thats a no go too

  8. It keeps asking me to downloead version 1.03 and when i start the download it goes to about 11 percent and stops, a few minutes later it will say “an error has occured with the download.” I have tried to download it many times but it does the same thing each time
    wat should I do??

  9. im getting really P***ed off with this whole thing. the only reason i bought this game was to play online with friends. After less then a week im thinking of packing it in already. i guess Infinity Ward/Activision/Sony already got all they wanted from me as i paid a stupid amount of money for a game that doesn’t work! Xbox player may have to pay to play on Xbox Live but at least they have been able to play as they want since launch day!

  10. I have MW2 for ps3, and have downloaded all previous updates but when I try to update it to 1.03 it will not fully update, it just stops at a random percentage, I’ve tried multiple times and still can not get it to update! Please Help!

  11. to Danny:

    I was having the same issue. Try starting the game while you are signed out of PSN. It will ask you to download and hit ok. It should then sign you in and download. Worked for me after several tries when it would freeze up aroudn 11%. Hope this helps.

  12. People if the invites dont work just delete the person on your freinds list & re-add them then it should work.

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