XSEED Drops Arc Rise Fantasia for the Wii; Ignition Picks up

Arc Rise Fantasia was first announced to go west by XSeed Games in late 2008. Just recently, XSeed released an announcement that they are no longer involved with the localization of Arc Rise Fantasia and Ignition Entertainment will be the one that’s going to pick up. This is the second time XSeed drops a game and gets picked up by Ignition. Muramasa: The Demon Blade was the first and now Arc Rise of Fantasia.

Ignition Entertaiment plans to bring Arc Rise Fantasia to North America in Summer of 2010. Hey, that’s better than not having it at all. Now I can’t wait!

Xseed Games is no longer involved with Arc Rise Fantasia. The decision from Marvelous Entertainment, Inc, to re-license the US release to another publisher was driven by Marvelous’ need to secure additional finances to help increase its business profitability. Marvelous and Xseed have greatly enjoyed working together to deliver great titles to the US market, and look forward to continuing the opportunity with upcoming titles.