Wii Sales Up Significantly Due to Price Cut, What About the Other Systems?

According to info from VGchartz.com, it looks like the sales of Nintendo’s global hit the Wii have doubled due to the recent price cut. It seems the Wii has sold  approximately 150,000 consoles for the week ending on October 3rd 2009. The boost due to the price cut has caused Wii sales to return to the rate at which they were selling this time last year. The rate at which the system had been selling in August and September has more than nearly doubled.

It’s interesting to mention that PS3 selling rates continue to increase, mainly because of the slim model, yet the PSP GO has not had the most impressive turnout, selling about 30,000 units. Xbox 360 dropped to 70,000 consoles sold last week after the boost that Halo ODST had provided previously.

With the three top selling home consoles now ALL offering price cuts who will continue to dominate the playing field or are their brighter days on the horizons for another console? Comment below!