Full List & Price of Games on Demand for the XBOX 360

With the XBOX Live Summer Update now available,  the Games on Demand section now has all the games mentioned at E3 and are ready to be downloaded. We have the full list once again and we’re going to tell you the price of each in every one.

We will keep you posted on all the latest the Games on Demand Channel releases on the XBOX 360!


Assassin’s Creed
Call of Duty 2
DDR Universe
Karaoke Revolution: American Idol Encore
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Meet the Robinsons
MX vs. ATV: Untamed
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Rockstar Table Tennis
Viva Pinata: Troubles in Paradise


BF: Bad Company
Burnout Paradise (Platinum Hits)
Fight Night Round 3
Need for Speed Carbon
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Mass Effect
Perfect Dark Zero
Ridge Racer 6
Sonic The Hedgehog
Viva Pinata

4 thoughts on “Full List & Price of Games on Demand for the XBOX 360

  1. why dont people go buy these used and save a ton of money? take for instance prey i bought it for $3.99 used. bio-shock $17.99. do your homework people dont let microsoft pull one over on you!

  2. Halo sucks Gears owns it. And Fallout 3 is got to be the most boring game ever made.. it literally took an hour and a half to get to the actual game play.

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