God of War III Walkthrough: Chapter 5- Cronos


You will now spend your time battling Sentries and doing QTE in the body of Cronos.

In Cronos’ arm, kill the Sentries that try to stop you from going through.

While climbing Cronos’ body you will see a red spot that stops you from climbing up, attack it. Back fighting in Cronos’ arm, he will start using his other hand to interrupt you while fighting Sentries.

Continue killing the Sentries. As soon as Cronos sticks his finger, attack it. Bits by bits it will eventually fall off.

After taking off Cronos’ dirty finger nail, climb onto one of his fingers. With his light shinning, blind him using Helios’ Head.

Continue climbing until you reach a lock in his belly button.

Open the gate and it will expose a contraption. Hit the flesh until the blue crystal at the bottom shows up.

A dozen sentries will appear after exposing the blue crystal. Kill them all. You will be back in Cronos’ Palm.

You now have to run for your life as Cronos will try to wipe you out from his arm.

In his shoulder, more sentries will spawn. A weird looking bone creature will come out from Cronos’ shoulder. Kill the spawns first and focus on the bone creature. Watch out for the Club as it deals massive damage. Do lot of rolls and attack.

Cronos will eat you. As you slide down through his esophagus, watch out for the acid to hit you. Slide down and avoid getting stuck. Now, use the Olympian Sword to cut his stomach.

You will now have the Omphalos Stone. Go climb through his finger and back to the blue crystal. This time, destroy it with Nemean Cestus.

Do your finishing move by smashing the Blue Crystal that got stuck on his chin. Go through his forehead and finally, with the Olympus Sword, cut through his brain.

Destroy the Blue Crystal and drop down. You will now be back in the Forge where Hephaestus will make you your weapon…

Watch Hephaestus as he makes your new weapon, the Nemesis Whip.

O oh! It seems that Hephaestus will attempt to kill you. Now it’s time for payback!

With Hephaestus dead, you now have the Nemesis Whip. Use its new power to the enemies that Athena will summon to test it out.


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