God of War III Walkthrough: Chapter 5- Cronos


You are now in Aphrodite’s Chamber. You will see three girls having sex in the bed. Approach them.

Aphrodite will ask you to have sex with her. Say yes and you will do some QTE sequence.

After satisfying Aphrodite enough, she will open a Hyperion Gate that will let you go back to the Forge with Hephaestus. You must seek his help and find out how to fix the broken mechanism in the Upper Gardens. Don’t forget to get the Minotaur’s Horn on a Treasure Chest between the pillars near the Hyperion Gate.

Back in the Forge, you will have a scene where Hephaestus will tell the story of Pandora.

He will tell you of a weapon that Kratos will need. Kratos must seek the Omphalos Stone from the Pit of Tartarus. He will open the gate that was closed before to your right.

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