Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares Secrets Revealed

Lost in Nightmares is one of two downloadable content from Resident Evil 5 that is now available for purchase via the XBOX Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store. Following the events where Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine investigate the Oswald E. Spencer’s mansion, fans of Resident Evil 5 were eager to find out the events where Chris thought Jill died. It shouldn’t take you roughly an hour to finish the DLC but there are some things that you should know before attempting to go deeper to the Mansion.

Let’s take a look on some quick hints and tips of Lost in Nightmares for Resident Evil 5:


Sure, the mansion feels like you’re in the same mansion in Arkalay Mountains where Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebecca, and Wesker went to investigate back in 1998. If you miss having those classic camera angles as seen as in past Resident Evil games, you can unlock it in Lost in Nightmares as part of an easter egg.

When you start playing the game, go to the main front door of the mansion and keep investigating it until you get ?.


In Lost in Nightmares, there’s one new enemy that will be introduced. This new enemy is slow and can be taken down without breaking a sweat. Just remember to never let that new enemy corner you because it has an instant kill in which will strangle you. Its weakness can be found on its back. Look for an eye to give him massive damage. Watch out for his weapon because it can take you down.

Collect the Emblems

There are a lot of Emblems scattered in this new DLC. Each Emblem gives you scores that you can use to compete in the leaderboards. These emblems can be found in chests, by either taking down the new enemy, or by shooting down paintings. Remember that this is similar to the main game where you have to find the Emblems even at a place where it seems impossible to find.


Finish the DLC.


Can I carry over the weapons from the main game?

What weapons / items can be found in Lost in Nightmares?
First Aid, Sniper Rifle, Grenades, Handgun Ammo, Red and Green Herbs

Will there be any Zombies?
Nope, two enemies are the only ones that will be appearing in this game. The new one and a half-dead body (NOT ZOMBIES!)

How long is this DLC
First play through is one hour. After that, you can finish it in under 30 minutes

Is it playable online?
Yes, Lost in Nightmares is available in both online and offline co-op

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares Secrets Revealed, 7.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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