Mega Man 10 Boss Strategy Guide

Let’s face it! Mega Man 10 is no different than Mega Man 9. It’s still hard as f*ck but thanks to the new “Easy Mode” it gives everyone an opportunity to finish the game without the idea of crying due to its difficulty. Just like other Mega Man games, every bosses that you defeat gives you a weapon that they used and that weapon can be used to other bosses!

Do you know what weapons gives you an advantage when facing a boss? Let’s take a look on the eight bosses of Mega Man 10.

Blade Man

Use Commando Man’s Commando Bomb.

Strike Man

Use Blade Man’s Triple Blade

Commando Man

Use Nitro Man’s Wheel Cutter

Pump Man

Use Sheep Man’s Thunder Wool

Sheep Man

Use Strike Man’s Rebound Striker

Nitro Man

Use Chill Man’s Chill Spike

Chill Man

Use Solar Man’s Solar Blaze

Solar Man

Use Pump Man’s Water Shield


After finishing any of the four bosses, you will get another weapon called, Rush Jet.

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