Mass Effect 2: Getting Everyone Alive During Final Mission

Mass Effect 2 is all about choices and depending on what actions you do throughout the game, it will contribute a big change in how the game will end. We all know that Commander Shepard’s mission is suicide and some of the members in his team will die. This is avoidable though! Getting into the Omega-4 relay and to the Collector’s Ship will take a lot of work and cooperation with the team.

There are a lot of things that you need to remember before going to your final mission. A simple mistake in the game will cost the life of someone in your team. Let’s take a look on some factors that you need to do in order to get everyone alive during the final mission attempt. Remember, this unlocks 75 Achievement Points.


The first step in having everyone focus in Commander Shepard’s mission is for them to solve their personal conflicts. The characters in the game will have certain specific problems that Commander Shepard needs to address. Talking to them will open up their problems for you therefore, giving you a mission to complete.

Complete that mission and Commander Shepard will gain the loyalty of his team.


At the end of her mission, you have the option whether to present the evidence you found or totally make Tali guilty of her charges. If you choose to present the evidence, that will bring Tali’s father done and make Tali’s crimes dissolve. This decision however will make Tali feel uneasy making her not so focused in the final mission. Sure you get the Loyalty achievement but there’s a chance she won’t survive.

Choosing not to mention her father’s name also builds up a lot of trust with Tali and can lead into a romance.


Throughout the game, you will be given a Paragon or Renegade choices. Swinging from the good and bad will totally mess up the chance to have everyone survive. After finishing Jack’s loyalty mission, you will see a conflict between her and Miranda. Depending on the path you choose, you will either make the conflict solved without having one character hate you or one of them will hate you because you will have to choose a side. You won’t be able to unlock the Paragon or Renegade option if both are 50/50.

Another event where you have to choose between each character is straight after you’ve done the Legion’s Loyalty mission. Make sure you have enough Paragon or Renegade points before approaching this scenario.

Make sure you have 100% Paragon or Renegade meter before the final mission and solve the conflict between the two. Choosing one side will lose the loyalty of the other.


You need to upgrade the Normandy in order to survive the suicide mission. It’s important that things such as the shield and the gun must be upgraded before the final battle.


When infiltrating the Collector’s Ship, Shepard will send out someone who’s a tech expert to go in the ventilation. Send out either Legion or Tali.


Send out either Jack or Samara. No, Miranda isn’t a powerful biotic.


Miranda and Garrus are the two characters with leadership skills.

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