Darksiders Boss Guide

Darksiders is a game that I must give kudos to for having great boss battles. There are mini and big boss battles that will require a lot patience and strategy. While spamming one attack might work to a certain extent, the easiest way to take down these bosses is with a bit of strategy.

I have finished the game in Apocalyptic mode, which was no walk in the park. In this guide I will only be listing the hardest bosses and give an in-depth strategy on how to beat each one. If you have any questions you would like to ask feel free to drop a comment at the end of this article and I will do my best to help out.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the guide:


Strategy: This is one of the easiest boss in the game. To easily spam attack this boss use your Earth Caller on him and he will fall to his knees. Attack until he is defeated. Don’t forget that there will be minions fighting with him. Dispatch them first and focus on the Phantom General.


Strategy: Another easy boss. Remember to never get close to him. His first attack is letting out bunch of his minions from his cage. Dispatch them quickly. Once the Jailer is all by himself aim the boomerang and highlight those yellow spots that you see on him with the LT or L2 button. Attack and he will fall on his knees. Take that opportunity to spam attack. Once he gets up stay away because he will go crazy.


Strategy: The key to hurting Tiamat is to throw the bomb and ignite it with the flame using the boomerang. Once Tiamat falls to the ground spam attack it until it recovers and flies again. After successfully damaging Tiamat for the first time prepare for the boss to come straight at you. Remember to dash. Tiamat will continue to fly and do the same thing until you hit him for the second time. For the final moment with Tiamat he will try to fight back while he’s on the ground. Lock your target and attack the boss using the edgy boomerang. After receiving enough damage Tiamat will drop down again and it will be time to deliver your final blow.


Strategy: Start off by smashing the ice. Don’t let the Griver uses his heat ray because if that happens you won’t be able to smash it. Once all of the ice is destroyed in the tracks it will be time to push that vehicle on him three times. Once you hit the boss go at him and destroy the jewel in his stomach with the glove that you just obtained. Don’t forget after successfully smashing his jewel he will perform a quake attack.


Strategy: Another easy boss fight. Before damaging Stygian don’t forget that he has something on his mouth that you need to take off. Attack it. Once Stygian can open his mouth run along with Ruin and gun his throat down when you see it. Beware of the two minions that he will send out after successfully attacking him.


Strategy: When the Ice Spider opens its mouth use the hookshot to get those big cobwebs on the ceiling and throw it at the Ice Spider. While he’s eating it go behind him and use the Glove to destroy the ice. Watch out for the attack that damages you big time when he jumps.


Strategy: Use the Hookshot at the beginning of the fight to get close to her. Attack while in the air. After hitting her she will keep on teleporting. Keep on using Dash and when you get a chance spam attack her. During the fight she will go to the wall and keep on teleporting. Watch out and don’t let her surprise you. After successfully damaging her a couple of times she will say, “You’ll never take my heart”. She will go up the ceiling and summon a falling bomb. Use the Hook Shot when the bomb’s color changes to orange and use Hookshot again on Silthia.


Strategy: Start off by using Void Walker on one of the panels before entering the boss fight. Once you can control War Straga will stay still for a couple of seconds. Look at the weapon he’s holding and you will see a panel that you can use Voidwalker. When Straga lifts his weapon on you use the loop holes you created and you will land on his back. Press the B or Square button to make him drop to the floor. Spam attack. After recovering he will summon minions and make use of the Voidwalker to keep yourself from being attacked by Straga. Attack him three times and he’s dead.


Strategy: Another long boss fight. Dash is your friend here. The attacks to look for on her are when she summons a lot of falling swords on you. Watch the pattern of her attacks and spam at her when you get a chance. The only strategy here is learn how to dash and use combos on her.


Strategy: Use Ruin in this boss fight. When the Destroyer is running around chase him, but don’t let him attack you with his left hand because you’ll die. Try to dash attack him and he will fall on his side. Spam attack. There is not a certain amount of times you have to hit him. You’ll know when the fight is over when War gets at him and it will ask you to press the B or Square button repeatedly.


Strategy: Abaddon’s strategy is similar to Uriel except he will block most your attacks. Keep on dashing until you see an opening where you can attack. Stay away from him as much as possible because he can do massive damage in one hit. Once you damaged him enough you will have to tap a button repeatedly (do this three times and he will die). He will get up and summon three big rocks and throw it at you. Use Dash to dodge it.

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  • pedram

    Silthia is very hardy ,i damaged her about 4 or more but she kept on teleporting and didn`t done what you said she will do .she is the only boss i found hard to kill so far.

  • pedram

    never mind ,i just tried once again and she summoned those things.sorry about that

  • yashvin

    Hey, pedram, u r fighting Silthia wrong. i think there is a bug in the game, ive got the same problem too. the trick is to use the change to come near her, n you must beat her in the face not her body despite the fact that your hits are counting. n when she teleport you must dash quickly in the direction in the center of the room. hope i help.

  • cyp

    Still have Uriel,Destroyer and Abaddon to go. So far Tiamat is the only one that was extremely difficult. Silitha was annoying because if you fail to finish her up when she hangs on the ceiling she will do some more teleport attacks before she goes back on the ceiling.

  • King

    Ultra difficult game and time wasting
    do u know cheat codes??????????????