The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1: Faith Review

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Good: Beautiful Noir Style, Familiar Faces, Enriched Canon Universe, Gripping Story That You Decide
Bad: Occasional Graphical Freezes and Hiccups, Stiff Movement
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The Wolf Among Us (4)

Gripping Story That You Decide
I can’t go into too much detail on this one for fear of spoiling events, but I will more discuss the basic details and choose your own adventure aspect of the game. The Wolf Among Us is very similar to other Telltale titles in the way the stories unfold through your own decisions, which is similar to an old school Choose Your Own Adventure book. I know I loved these growing up, and it is done very well by giving you a variety of different decisions, that we shall see unfold more and more as the other episodes come out. There is murder, mystery, and intrigue; pretty much your typical noir style story, but it doesn’t feel cliche in the least. The ending to the episode is fantastic as well to really make you excited for Episode 2.


Occasional Graphical Freezes and Hiccups
This didn’t happen too overly often, but there were points where the game would freeze for a couple seconds here and there. Most of the time it was during fight scenes or chase scenes, which can get kind of annoying. There were also a couple moments where there were white splotches on the screen, but I honestly couldn’t tell if they were a graphical hiccup or a style choice in the game. It wasn’t a problem like the freezing was at all, and in fact was kind of cool, but figured it was worth mentioning in this section anyways.

The Wolf Among Us (5)

Stiff Movement
This is also mostly just a nitpick, but the movement of your character in the exploration sections are kind of stiff. There were a few times where my character would turn correctly or wouldn’t interact with an object that I was trying to access. It wasn’t anything that got too annoying while playing, but like I said, just a minor nitpick more than anything.


jps_ed_choice_120x120The Wolf Among Us is one of the biggest surprises of the year to me. I’ve never played a Telltale game before, but have always heard how great games like The Walking Dead were. This may have just been Episode 1, but it has already made me a fan of this episodic series. The story is gripping, the style unique, and has very little negative aspects to lessen the experience in any way. For a relatively short introduction episode, I am already hooked and can’t wait to get my hands on Episode 2 when it comes out in the near future. If you are a Telltale fan or just love a great story where you can control the outcome, make sure to check out The Wolf Among Us Episode 1.

[Editor’s Note: The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith was reviewed on the Xbox 360 platform. The game was provided to us by the publisher for review purposes.]

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The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1: Faith Review, 9.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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