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Online Pass Needed For Mortal Kombat?

According to an email received by Joystiq, gamers will need to pay to play online. Read More »

Atlus and Sting Combine To Make “Gloria Union”

Atlus and Sting, developer of the Yggdra Union and Knights of the Nightmare have teamed up to make another PSP title called "Gloria Union" Read More »

PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Hands-On Impressions (NZ)

Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand were kind enough to invite me to have a hands-on experience with the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter attachment for the PlayStation 3. Read More »

Vanillaware Reveals Grand Knight History for the PSP

Following the success of Muramasa: The Demon Blade on the Nintendo Wii and Odin Sphere on the PS2, a new game is set to release this Summer in Japan for the PSP entitled, Grand Knight History. Read More »

Resistance 3 will Support 3D and PlayStation Move

In today's Community Day of Insomniac Games in Hollywood, they revealed today that Resistance 3 for the PlayStation 3 will support stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move. Read More »

WWE All Stars – Unlockables

In addition to the cheat code that we revealed today, there are more secrets in WWE All Stars that players need to uncover. Read More »

Watch Jill & Wesker in Action in this Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D Trailer

Capcom USA revealed today a new trailer for their upcoming Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for the 3DS that features Jill and Wesker. Read More »

PlayStation Store Update 3/29/2011 – Free Realms, Arrival DLC & More

Some of my personal special highlights this week include Rush N Attack: Ex-Patriot, Back to the Future Episode II, and Mass Effect 2 DLC: The Arrival Read More »

Moon Diver Trophy Guide

For those who are interested in acquiring all the trophies for Moon Diver, a Square Enix PS3 exclusive, we got them right here for you. Read More »

Cave Story 3D Arriving this Summer in North America

For those who are looking for the remake of Cave Story on the Nintendo 3DS, NIS America is pleased to reveal today that Cave Story 3D is coming this Summer. Read More »

Sign up for the Xbox 360 System Update Preview Program Today

Microsoft will be launching another preview program once again in the next two weeks for the Xbox 360 that features its latest Xbox 360 disc format. Read More »

God of War 4 Exists

Now even more noise is being made regarding God of War 4's existence due to a Linkedin profile. An unspecified animator has updated his profile to add another entry to his work with Motion Logic Studios. Read More »

WWE All Stars – A Cheat to “Unlock All”

THQ's WWE All Stars releases today and for those who wants to unlock everything from the start, we have the code you need to enter. Read More »

DICE’s GM talks about the problems with prone on Battlefield 3

DICE’s General Manager, Karl Troedsson, has recently spoke out about the problems DICE is having with Battlefield 3. Read More »

Sucker Punch releases new Infamous 2 artwork

Sucker Punch has today released 4 brand new pieces of artwork, for their electrifying upcoming title Infamous 2. Read More »

Killzone 3 players have a new assignment: SOCOM 4 multiplayer beta starts today!

For those that purchased Killzone 3 on launch day new, chances are you got a special pamphlet with SOCOM 4 on it. Well, I can't do anything if you threw that out, fed it to your dog, turned it... Read More »

WWE All Stars Review

WWE All Stars Review

THQ is well known for their production of different fighting games such as WWE SmackDown vs. Raw. While WWE SmackDown vs. Raw is seen as the simulation version of the wrestling game genre and gives you the ability to... Read More »

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Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC Launch Trailer

Just in time for the release of the Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2, Bioware released today the launch trailer. Read More »

Nintendo 3DS Suffers from “Black Screen of Death”

A small number of people are recently reporting across the internet today that gamers who purchased the Nintendo 3DS is suffering from the dreaded, "Black Screen of Death". Read More »

Dynasty Warriors 7 Review

Dynasty Warriors 7 Review

Since Dynasty Warriors' debut in 1997, Omega Force has made sure that gamers had a Dynasty Warriors game, or some spinoff with similar gameplay, nearly every year. The series never seems to struggle in Japan, but somewhere in its... Read More »

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