Monster Hunter: World – Weapon Stat Guide

Monster Hunter: World’s weapon system is confusing, in that there has to be a reason for the other options, even if that reason isn’t obvious. As you progress this reason might not become apparent, though there is without question a reason to bother with other weapons.

Which weapon is right for you?

Picking a weapon comes down to how you want to play. Sure, some are easier to learn than others, something that seems to vary between players, so it should come down to how you want to play. Just keep in mind that the great sword requires a little more awareness and long range weapons are best when you know you have the time to shoot.

So, what do the various stats mean?

As mentioned above, the weapon system looks deceptively simple. There are only three differences between the first two weapons. These include sharpness, attack and how difficult they’re to craft. Over time different perks, bonuses and more start appearing and it’s hard to know which one to choose.


Attack is just the overall power of your weapon. The higher the better, at least in most situations.


Sharpness determines what you can and can’t cut, along with how long it takes to dull. This is an important stat later on or against armored enemies, since dull blades are repelled, causing you to not only do less damage, but also interrupt combos.


Despite the name, affinity is your critical hit rate. Usually there is a balance between attack and affinity, meaning low attack weapons tend to have higher affinity than those with higher stats. Sometimes a weapon will have a negative stat, which is essentially the opposite of a critical hit, meaning you do less damage.


Most monsters are weak to something, meaning certain elements and ailments are more effective against them. These can be found in the Monster Field Guide, so if you’re looking for some help defeating a monster, check that out and then make a weapon that uses something they’re weak to. Please note, anything under two stars is not worth bothering with.


Currently Elderseal is something of an unknown. It’s suspected to suppress certain attacks/abilities when fighting an elder dragon, but this is just speculation.


This would be the number of decorations you can use and how large of a decoration it supports. Sometimes the best weapon is the one that opens up the most options, not the best stats.

Defense Bonus

I think this goes without saying, but it gives you bonus defense.

Phail Type

Switch axes and charge blade have an additional stat that shows the type of damage certain hits do.

Kinsect Bonus

Certain insect glaives work better with specific kinsect types.

Mods/Special Ammo

These are unique to heavy bowguns and show you how much customization and the type of special ammo it shoots.


Hunting horns can buff allies if you play certain songs, which require specific notes.

Shelling Type/Level

This will tell you how a gunlance will hit and the maximum amount of power it can output.


What bonuses you can apply to your arrows.