Resogun Update Patch 1.10 Adds PS4 Pro Support


Launch game, Resogun, recently received a new update which finally adds PS4 Pro support to the game for the very first time. Good news for all 4K TV owners.

The new update patch is version number 1.10 and it’s now available to download. 4K resolution and HDR have been implemented making the game look graphically better than ever before.

Resogun was the best PS4 launch game and many people still own this game. With the PS4 Pro now out, this new update will entice people to revisit the game.

4K is continuing to invade people’s homes so more PS4 games should be getting the Pro treatment in the near future. Not to mention all new games will have Pro support in them too such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect: Andromeda and more.