Use Solid Snake’s Outfit in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

With the release of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow this week, a secret outfit of Metal Gear’s Solid Snake will be unlockable for Gabriel to use.

Following the end of the game, fans of Solid Snake will be happy to know that his outfit that he used in Metal Gear Solid games will be usable by Gabriel Belmont. Simply go to the Extras menu and you will be able to dress up Gabriel Belmont in Solid Snake’s outfit. You can choose whether Gabriel can wear a bandana or not to make him look like a real Solid Snake.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be available in North America on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 4, 2010. Check back with us later this week for our exclusive coverage of the game.

11 thoughts on “Use Solid Snake’s Outfit in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

  1. I wonder if the 360 version has it… I hope not… No game with solid snake was introduced to 360 yet and plus it would just cause stupid 360 fanboys to try rubbing a silly character skin in ps3 owners faces.

  2. @Above: Are you so dense you care if a console gets a secret character or not?

    When did gamers become such brainless dolts?

  3. ha ha it is now i can get snake on 360 who cares about mgs….pfft fanboy those very same u spoken sound like a ps3 fanboy…noob

    I have both consoles…ijs no fanboyism here

  4. How could you put a character that has nothing to do with castlevania in the game? it makes a mockery out of the series! solid snake??? put Alucard in or something!

  5. Honestly, they could’ve instead put in Django from Boktai in the game. I mean, it’s another Konami-Kojima series, and he actually fights vampires and the undead for a living. Snake’s great and all but remember when Dante popped up in Viewtiful Joe…and SMT Nocturne?

  6. @ daniel

    yeah alucard would look pretty sweet, but the only reason why Solid Snake is in their as a secret character skin is because of Kojima’s involvement with the game.


    i was wondering that too haha, the first thing i thought when i read the article was, “Is he going to be in the 360 version, because that would kind of be weird” oh well though.

    i’m personally picking it up for ps3 instead of 360, either way it looks like a good game.

  7. I’m buying this game hands down. This was a cool move on kojimas part to get that respect. Hopefully its more then a skin and snake has his own moves! Like playing with marie or rhictor in SoTN. Also, owning multiple systems don’t make you any better then fanboys it just shows your wreckless financially. 1 system to do it all 1 system to rule them all! Lol that is probably the first fan boy statement I ever made.. lmao! It is a little silly.

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