GameCritter Aims To Be A New Social Media Platform For Gamers

There are lots of social media websites and apps around, but most of them don’t cater solely to gamers. Well a company over in Australia has found the solution as they want to bring GameCritter to life so gamers all around the world can connect and play easily.

As announced in a press release, GameCritter isn’t going to be your normal social media website. The platform aims to include many features from the likes of “Facebook, Twitter, Metacritic, Quora, Reddit, IGN and Gamespot”. The site isn’t only for gamers because it will also include publishers and developers into the network.

The site promises to include things like reviewing games, host forums, Q&As, clans and other things in order to unite gamers with developers and publishers. You can read more via the press release below.


• Social Platform with User Posts, Friends, Instant messaging & Commenting
• Community-Driven Reviews, Guides, Discussion Forums & Question/Answer Forums
• Addictive Levelling & Rewards System with over 1,500+ Levels & 13 Ranks
• Hundreds of Unique Collectable Avatars, Companions, Badges & Achievements
• Competitive Leaderboards with Various Metrics and Clans (Grouping)


• Dedicated Profile Pages to Build & Foster Fan Followings
• Raise Crowdfunding for New Projects with Support from Fans
• Create Revenue by Selling Games Directly from Our Platform
• Smart Targeted Advertising with Multiple Metrics
• Powerful Analytics Dashboard for Big Data Handling
• Conduct User Surveys & Polls to Gauge Strategic Business Direction

Josiah Roche, CEO and Founder of GameCritter commented: “Our experienced team have spent years in the industry. We understand the gaps, the underlying needs, desires and behaviours of the different types of gamers. Yet we won’t kid ourselves. Although successful with past projects, we understand that GameCritter is no easy task. We are dedicated to delivering a meaningful experience that will add value to the lives of gamers worldwide, or we’ll die trying.

You can help get GameCritter become a reality by funding it on Kickstarter. You can visit the official Kickstarter page simply by clicking here.