Mass Effect 2 Confirmed for Steam (Deluxe and Standard Edition)

Bioware announced today via the Mass Effect Facebook page that Mass Effect 2 will be available for purchase on Steam for both Standard and Digirtal Deluxe Collector’s edition. As always, the Deluxe Collector’s Edition will include a lot of goodies that will benefit fans of the game.

Mass Effect 2 comes out in North America for the XBOX 360 and PC on January 26th. Check out our Launch Coverage of the game pretty soon. Here are the full details of the Deluxe Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 2 on Steam:

* Collector Armor and Assault Rifle – Two bonus in-game items: advanced regeneration armor and a powerful enemy-shredding assault rifle.
* Incisor Rifle – Bonus in-game weapon. Firing three shots with each pull of the trigger, the Incisor Rifle is designed to decimate shields.
* Original Soundtrack – The Mass Effect 2 original soundtrack features 12 pieces spanning the entire Mass Effect 2 experience.
* Digital Art Book – The art book contains 48 pages of stunning full color artwork including captions from the Mass Effect 2 team.
* Digital Mass Effect Redemption #1 comic – Redemption follows Liara T’Soni’s dangerous mission to find Commander Shepard.
* Documentary Video – Featuring behind-the-scenes and making-of videos, the Mass Effect 2 documentary takes a look at how the game was made.