The Surge – Safe and Easy Scrap Glitch

Arguably one of the most stressful things in The Surge, is grinding for scrap. It isn’t because enemies are strong or how long it takes, but rather, how easy it is to end up on square one. Without banking scraps you could see hours of work go down the drain, but this glitch takes the hassle out of grinding.

Editor’s note: Make a copy of your save before attempting this method. It also doesn’t work on the latest PC patch and will likely be removed in the next console patch.


Select your highest level piece of armor, ideally the chest and hold down the destroy button. When the bar gets to about 80 percent, equip the armor. If you do this correctly, instead of destroying the armor, you’ll receive the scraps you would’ve got for destroying it, in the case of some MK X pieces over 200,000, without losing the armor. This can be repeated for as long as you want, but you do run the risk of actually destroying the piece of armor.

For this reason you’re advised to save and save often.

Video Guide

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