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Good: Stunning visuals, peaceful soundtrack, cute characters, relatable story
Bad: Firefly puzzle sucks, not very long, quite simple
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Some games are greater than the sum of their parts. Take Journey. There is nothing practically special about the game. The graphics are simple, there isn’t much of a story, short length, limited gameplay, at times empty visuals, yet it’s an amazing experience. This is what Seasons After Fall is trying to achieve. Maybe not the most complete experience like Uncharted offer, but one that is satisfying nonetheless. With beautiful visuals, pleasing sounds and a cute story, is Seasons After Fall something you have to experience or is it just something people play to be pretentious?

Seasons After Fall tells a spiritual tale about overcoming fear and approaching the future head on. At times the story can fall flat, since it’s a very high concept. Regardless, it’s a touching story thanks to how relatable it can be. The true ending also offers a nice closer to the journey.

As for gameplay, Seasons After Fall is a platformer with a neat twists. As you progress through the story, the spirit/fox gains the ability to change the season. Each season has a visual theme and elements expected of said season. Fall has orange leaves, winter adds snowfall, summer is bright and spring rains. These elements are used to change the environment, offering new ways to progress. For instance, if there is a ledge above water, changing the season to winter will freeze the water, allowing the fox to progress forward.

For the most part, the puzzles are pretty straightforward. Whatever needs to be done, usually involves changing the season and there is a small indicator for when something can be interacted with. Outside of the firefly puzzle, which is poorly designed and can take hours if you’re not careful, the whole experience can be completed in a couple of hours, even without a guide. Most of the challenge is knowing where to be, rather than what to do.

What really makes Seasons After Fall stand out isn’t the story or gameplay, but the visuals and soundtrack. Since everything is done in the hand painted style, the world looks stunning and full of life. Even the simplest of things, like walking through grass can be breathtaking. The different seasons also have their own visual flare, making for a truly lovely experience.

To go with the peaceful images, the soundtrack is filled with more natural sounds. It’s calming, easy going on just adds to the experience.


Seasons After Fall is an experience that is hard not to enjoy. Between the beautiful images, peaceful sounds and stress-free gameplay, it’s something almost anyone can enjoy. Sure, the firefly puzzle is a bit out of place, but outside of that it’s a fantastic experience. Even though it is a tad on the short side, with it being possible to beat it in a couple of hours, Seasons After Fall is a must for anyone who enjoys foxes, beautiful visuals or lovely experiences.

[Editor’s Note: Seasons After Fall was reviewed on PS4 platform. The game was provided to us by the publisher for review purposes.]

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