Exotics, Raid, New Class Powers and Grenade Launcher Confirmed for Destiny 2

After some speculation as to how Destiny 2 will approach builds, a couple of old elements will be returning, as well as some new ones.

First and foremost, exotics are coming back and there will be a bunch of new ones. None of them were revealed specifically, but it’s good to know they’re coming back.

The weapon system has also been reworked. Now there is a kinetic weapon, energy slot and power slot, that will allow for greater customization and variety. To further that, a grenade launcher weapon will also be added and snipers, fusion rifles, machine guns and rocket launchers confirmed.

Finally, three new supers were shown. Warlocks have Dawnblade, which is radiance with a sword. Sentinel for Titans, which allows someone to summon a shield and can use a melee weapon. Finally, Arc Strike gives Hunters a staff weapon to kill foes.

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