Akiba’s Beat – How to Unlock the Secret Final Dungeon

Even though getting Akiba’s Beat‘s true end is pretty easy to get, the final dungeon takes much longer and is far more tedious. Not only is its existence hidden, outside of a trophy that mentions it, it’s behind a number of task making it a drag to get.

How to Unlock

  • Complete all three of Nana’s sub-events and unlock the Might Club.
  • Beat every fight, with every character and as a group, that the club has to offer.
  • After the last fight you’ll instantly receive the sub-event, which is just talking to Shareko.
  • Optional: If you have the time set to midnight, change the time to something earlier.
  • Talk to Miké (cat maid) 10 times in a row.
  • After the tenth time she will have new dialog.
  • Go to Station Plaza and there will be a new dungeon on the bottom left.

Helpful things to know

  • The quest that unlocks this dungeon also unlocks Miké and gives the Nyanda Tte? trophy.
  • Finishing this dungeon is required to unlock the final tier in Might Club and unlock the Ok, Now You Can Talk About It trophy.
  • Treasures in this dungeon contain a unique set of armor, which is not only the best in the game, but also required for the Where Are You Keeping It All? trophy.

Video Guide

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