Akiba’s Beat – How to Unlock Acquire-Chan

Similar to the secret dungeon, unlocking Acquire-Chan in Akiba’s Beat can be tough. Not only does she appear in odd places, it’s a lot of running around without a lot of direction. To help streamline the process, you can find the requirements and locations to find Acquire-Chan.


  • Beat the game.

Quest 1

  • After beating the game a new sub-event will appear in Station Plaza. Go there and you’ll met Acquire-Chan.
  • Head to the Idol Delusionscape and talk to her.
  • Progress to the end to talk to her and finish the quest.

Quest 2

  • Go to the Audio Delusionscape.
  • On the second floor you’ll find Acquire-Chan with another event.
  • Exit the dungeon.
  • Transverse the Puberternity Delusionscape.
  • At the end you’ll find Acquire-Chan and finish the quest.

Quest 3

  • Enter the Electronics Delusionscape.
  • On the third floor you’ll find Acquire-Chan and get the final quest.
  • Exit the dungeon.
  • Go to the Digital Delusionscape.
  • On the fourth floor you’ll meet Acquire-Chan and unlock her.

Video Guide

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