Akiba’s Beat – True End Guide

Getting the true end in Akiba’s Beat isn’t hard, but it is very frustrating. Not because of a powerful foe, harsh requirements or any of that. The issue is a bunch of hidden mechanics, which take an otherwise easy task and make it potentially frustrating.


To unlock the true end you have to finish all the main characters sub-events. This is done by traveling to the yellow icons and completing the task. Most of them are just dialog and moving from place to place. After you get them all, beat the final dungeon and it will play after the credits. This can also be done after beating the game by going through the dungeon again.

Helpful Information

  • Some (all?) of Kotomi’s events require Yoshino Sainoji set as your support.
  • Certain events take place at specific times, so if you can’t find it, try at a different time.
  • There are events exclusive to Violet Eden, which won’t appear on your mini-map unless you enter the establishment.
  • It might not be possible to do the character you’re playing as sub-event, so make sure to change if you’re going for their event.


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