Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – How to Obtain the Legendary Items

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – How to Obtain the Legendary Items

The final battle in Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap can be tricky, largely due to how long the level is, which means you might want to get better gear before attempting it. While there are plenty of shops that offer great gear, the legendary items are among the best in the game. However, you can’t get them until just before the final battle.

Finding the Legendary Sword

To get the legendary sword you need the Hawk-Man power and a key. You can get the power by progressing in the story, where as the key is obtained in the shop to the right of where you start in the village. Once you have the key, continue right until you reach the destroyed castle. Use the key to open the gate and you can explore the ruins.

To find the sword you need to follow the same path you took to fight the Meka Dragon. This is upper right, fall down in the middle, go left and then continue left until you get to the lair of the Meka Dragon. Inside you’ll find a treasure chest that has the sword. Exiting and reentering will result in the chest giving a lot of gold. This can be attempted once per life and quite handy if you don’t want to grind for gold.

Getting the Legendary Armor

To exit the castle you need to follow the same path you took after defeating the Meka Dragon. This is essentially just going right, killing the second cyclops for the key and then just going right until you have to jump to exit.

Along the way you’ll find a yellow cyclops. He should be the second cyclops in the first room to the right. I strongly advice stun locking him, like in the picture above. Upon killing him, he will drop the legendary armor.

Where to Buy the Legendary Shield

After exiting the castle you’ll find yourself in a well. Hidden here is a door, which has a shop that sells the legendary shield. Purchase it and you’ll have three of the best items in the game.

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