Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – Every Heart Location

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – Every Heart Location

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap isn’t a difficult game, but that doesn’t make it an easy game either. Throughout your adventure there are powerful hidden items, useful shops and plenty of other amazing things. Among the most useful are hearts, which increase your ability to survive. None of them are particularly well hidden, not to the point of invisible doors anyway, but some of them are tricky to find. To help make your adventure easier, here are all the locations.

Heart Locations

Heart 1: The first heart is located under the tower in the starting village. Start by entering the door below the lock, head right down the hole and then continue right. The chest at the end will give you the heart.

Heart 2: When you make it to the desert, continue until you reach the pyramid. Instead of entering it like you should, go to the other side to find a room. Inside is a chest with the heart.

Heart 3: After you get the Mouse-Man power, head to the left of the village to find an area only he can transverse through. At the end of the road you’ll find a wall you can walk on with the dungeon you need to enter above. Instead of entering the dungeon, head south and then enter the room underwater. The chest in this room contains the heart.

Heart 4: As Piranha-Man, make your way to the underwater dungeon. Instead of entering the dungeon, continue right and fall down the hole. Complete the puzzle to the left and you’ll find a door at the end. There you’ll find a chest with the heart.

Heart 5: With Lion-Man, go down the hole to the left of the locked door in the village. Down there you’ll find another hole blocked off by breakable blocks. Destroy these and then head right. At the end of the walkway you’ll find a chest with the heart.

Heart 6: Using Hawk-Man’s flight, move to the right of the starting area. Along the way you’ll see a large gap between the village and the starting castle. Head down the hole to end up in the beach. From there, move left back to the previous area. Use flight to fly above the water and you can open a chest that contains a heart. Note: You can also get there by going the normal way to the beach, but Hawk-Man takes damage underwater, so it’s easier this way.

Heart 7: In the final dungeon you’ll eventually hit a point where you need to be Mouse-Man. Towards the end of his section you’ll fall down a hole and see a cyclops and a door. Enter the door to obtain the final heart piece.

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