Mass Effect Andromeda Guide – How to Romance Avela Kjar

Like in past Mass Effect games where Shepard can have a romantic relationship with other characters, Andromeda does the same thing and the requirements to initiate it are pretty much the same. Depending on the gender that you choose at the beginning of the game in Andromeda, Ryder will have many opportunities to build a relationship with and fall in love.

In the case of a male Ryder, he can fall in love with a character named Avela Kjar, an Angarian Historian.

How to Romance Avela Kjar

As soon as you first visit Aya and meet with Evfra, find Avela at the docks. She’ll offer you several different quests upon talking to her. Doing them will increase your points with her and will eventually yield Ryder falling in love with her.

– When you are talking to Avela at the docks, make sure you pick the option in the conversation wheel, “To meet people like you”. This will start Ryder trying to build relationship with her.
– During the mission, Recovering the Past, head to the Museum on Aya and find Avela. Speak to her to initiate another conversation.
– In the mission, Forgotten History, head back to the Museum on Aya and find Avela. Speak to her and choose the following dialogue options:

“I did it for you.”
“You got it.”
(After you return to instrument) “Not everything, thanks to you.”
(After you have returned the figurine) “Hope it helps my chances.”

For the final task to completely build a relationship with her, complete the mission The Journey to Meridian. Check your email after the mission to receive a message from Avela. As soon as you read it, make your way back to Aya and head to the waterfall. You will find Avela standing in front of the waterfall. Talk to her and kiss her.

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