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World of Final Fnatasy

With the exception of finding the last treasure chest you need, there is nothing more annoying than unlocking Maduin in World of Final Fantasy.

Maduin is unlocked by beating The Five Cogna Lords: Figaro intervention quest within 20 moves or less and no units dying. At first this sounds easy, but enemy moves count towards the total, so you actually have to win in 10 moves or less. Even this sounds easy until you realize it takes six moves to defeat every unit, so you must find, locate and defeat all three units and not lose any of your units using no more than four turns. This makes it extremely difficult, though with the right set up you can vastly increase your chances.

World of Final Fantasy Guide


World of Final Fantasy Maduin Guide

This is the ideal set up for unlocking Maduin. While it leaves the top right section open, it gives you plenty of space to work with and minimizes the risk of someone attacking Vivi, which you’ll fail instantly if it happens.


Unfortunately, this mini-game relies heavily on luck, you can minimize this by using your large unit to attack one of the more open spaces, such as below them or to the lower right of them. Ideally you’ll either hit the enemy or you’ll see a miss. A miss means the shown enemy is within one space of the place you attacked. Usually this will prompt the unit you just attacked to attack, narrowing down its potential locations. Depending on where it attacks it can potentially make your job much easier.

For instance, if you attack the lower right and the enemy attacks the upper right of where your unit is, that means the enemy unit should be where you’re currently standing (this is a possible scenario), next to you or two spaces to the right of you. The only exception is when a different unit attacks, but usually the same enemy will be the one who attacks.

Typically once you locate an enemy they will make a move to escape you. Even though the enemy moves, the game tells you where the enemy moved. So if Vivi hits someone above them and they move four spaces to the right, this means they’re next to your other unit to attack. Finishing enemies off like this are essential to winning. Please note, the AI will do the same to you if they locate your unit. This is an instant failure if they find anyone besides your large unit and even then it is likely an instant failure if their large unit finds your large unit. The only way to come out alive is to either attack one of the spaces next to that unit or move and try to gauge their location from how they move. It sounds hard because it can be difficult to make the right choice.

If you do it within 20 moves you’ll get the normal fight and an additional scene following the fight. If you fail, simply skip the mini-game and try again.

For Trophy Hunters

For those trophy hunters out there you can avoid this by simply trading for Maduin. Right now he and Ultima are the most desired mirages in the game, so there are plenty of people willing to help you out. However, getting him from this method won’t unlock the cutscene or any of the other fun stuff.

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