World of Final Fantasy – Best Early Experience Farming Location

World of Final Fantasy Guide- Early EXP Farming

Games like World of Final Fantasy can be frustrating, since you might capture a monster you want to use instead of your main party, but using them puts you at a disadvantage. This typically results in you wasting tons of time farming earlier areas to make them more powerful. If this sounds like a dilemma¬†you’re facing, here is the best place to farm at level 10 – 30 or so.

World of Final Fantasy Guide

Set Up

  • One monster with smash. You can evolve a copper gnome into a mythril giant at level 10 and learn the skill right after.
  • One monster with flutter. Floating eyes can learn this skill early into their mirage board.


Start by traveling to the Nether Nebula dungeon and make your way to the end of the dungeon. In the final room you’ll see an alternate path with a rock blocking the way. Use your monsters smash ability to break the rock and then flutter across the gap. This will take you to another room where you’ll face more powerful enemies.

Even though the enemies are more powerful, they’re still weaker than what you’ve likely been facing, yet give you a substantial amount of experience. Normal fights yield 6,000 or so experience, with fights including a special enemy, like fruit or bablizz, will give 10,000 experience. This should result in your team getting a substantial boost, especially if you have fewer monsters with you, so keep this in mind for power leveling new recruits or just bringing your main crew up at the start of the game.

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