New Infamous Second Son Screenshots Released


With Sucker Punch’s new next gen heavy hitter Infamous Second Son just on the horizons, many fans of the series linger in the shadows ready of pounce at a copy once its hits the stores. To build up excitement the Sucker Punch team has released some astounding screenshots and artwork.

One of the screenshots shows a checkpoint set up by the new DUP organisation (Department of Unified Protection). Their purpose is to arrest or kill all Conduits or as they say “Bio-terrorist”. One of the ways to catch Conduits is in these checkpoints with Bio-metric scanners, which sense if a person has the Conduit gene sleeping in them.

There is also a more interesting one with the main character Delsin Rowe showing of his powers. Unlike the previous series where lighting, frost and fire are the main powers Delsin has the power to absorb power giving this game a unique twist. Here, Delsin is using a “smoke and ember” power with many possibilities like de-materializing into smoke.

Infamous Second Son is scheduled to be released exclusively onto the PlayStation 4 on 21 March 2014.

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Gabríel Jóhannesson

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