SWTOR players not pleased with Ewok being purchasable on Cartel Market

SWTOR players not pleased with Ewok being purchasable on Cartel Market

SWTOR Game Update 2.3 Treek Ewok

BioWare confirmed today via their monthly Insider video that Treek, the new Ewok companion coming in Game Update 2.3 , will be released on the Cartel Market this August. With the official confirmation finally out, a lot of players (especially veterans) are not pleased with the decision of BioWare putting the new companion on the Cartel Market.

When the Ewok companion was originally revealed on the Public Test Server, many found out that one of the ways to get the new companion is by having the legacy level of 40 and be able to pay one million credits. A lot of people were pleased to that decision as it gave players motivation to play and level their legacy level up to get the cute companion. However, when the news broke out that Treek will be making its way to the Cartel Market, a lot were not pleased as it bypasses the requirement, making everyone think BioWare is ruining the game by allowing Cartel Coins to take advantage of other players who have spent time in the game.

By visiting the official forums, you will see a lot of raging from subscribers voicing out their opinions:

I honestly have come to the conclusion that the people who make these decisions are perhaps the stupidest people I’ve ever had the displeasure of encountering in a customer service relationship. – uaintjak

This is ridiculous. I honestly am surprised, I thought BW would have atleast kept the legacy requirement on the companion so that way you have something to work towards.

Not everyone has to be able to have everything in the game and this promotes the fact that you should indeed be able to buy anything and bypass requirements. I have been waiting since February of ’12 for something awesome to come out for legacy level 50 and so far we get absolutely nothing. – NilethStar

Cartel market is a plague. Sometimes I think that they should just have pull the plug last summer. I’ll never buy another EA product. They are worse than Activision and that is something. – Kesphin

You guys really never learn do you. So you value the subs buy giving them 500 ccs which a lot of them could care less about and you make everything we worked for gained by money. It’s not P2W but it’s a slap in the face to people that actually played the game long enough to earn a high legacy level. Thanks for continuing to not value the subs. It’s no wonder there’s a post about one several leaving everyday in here. :-/ – Arlon_Nabarlly

What a great game it would be then. Put all efforts into the Cartel Market and completely ignore everything else.

For that matter, why not just remove all those pesky flashpoints, warzones and operations entirely and just keep the Cartel Bazaar only? It’s not like anyone actually wants to play the game… – CommanderKeeva

Hey thanks for nothing. Tell your bosses they are doing a great job ordering you too kill the game and circumvent any real content in the sake of making money. I know you know this and can’t comment. But let it sink in more. – Darth-Malice

In my opinion, I am against this decision as it literally gives no value to the veteran players who have been playing since the launch of the game. The fact that casual players can simply buy their way through the legacy level requirement somewhat shows what BioWare is planning to do in the future when it comes to releasing content in both in-game and Cartel Market.

Do you think SWTOR will pursue the pay-to-win route in the future? It’s very likely to happen once SWTOR loses another wave of subscribers again. Even though BioWare claims they will never do it, putting Ewoks and allowing casual players to bypass the legacy level requirement points to a pay-to-win direction is the future. If you are disappointed with the way the game is going, there are other MMOs coming out this year and next that you can check out that I’m sure will focus more on content rather than their in-game cash shop. Final Fantasy XIV and the much awaited The Elder Scrolls Online are just some of the other MMORPG alternatives.

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  • Midgen

    I take exception to your article (title). I’m a long time SWTOR subscriber, and I have zero problems with them putting the Ewok or anything else on the Cartel Market.

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  • pete

    Well, i guess if they have been playing since release, they already have well over 1mil, and 40+ legacy…so they can get the ewok without paying a cent…then they can perhaps spend those points on something else, maybe even new content or..hehehe…all the little unlocks that will let em stop paying subs for a while ;)

    Or to put it another way, why should only the hardcore long term players or those with too much time on their hands be the only ones to have a cute fluffy little death machine/healer as a mate? :P

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