The Last of Us – Workbench Locations

The Last of Us - Workbench Weapon Upgrade

Getting that weapon to its max level is an important thing to do in The Last of Us. Not only it will make the weapons in your arsenal more powerful, it will also increase your chances to survive against the enemies in the game. In order to max out your weapons, you must first find a bunch of parts and a workbench.

In the Last of Us, the only place you are able to upgrade weapons is through a workbench. Unfortunately, there are a only a few available, therefore where you see a workbench, it’s best to use them. Here is a list of locations where you can find all of the workbenches.


The first workbench will be on the bottom floor of the museum, just after escaping the infected through the garage door.

Bill’s Town

Go to the Church basement.


Inside the upper first building of the hunter’s camp.


Near the office behind hotel restaurant’s kitchen.


Located in the Financial District. Use the cart to climb over the vending machine.

The Suburbs

Inside the opened garage door.

Tommy’s Dam

Left side of the dam control room

The University

Inside the depot.

The University

Inside the Science lab, the workbench is located left from the entrance of the building.

Bus Depot

Located in the Triage Area in the far tent.

Bus Depot

After Ellie first lets you in, you’ll find the workbench in the first room of the Hospital Tunnel Ventilation System.

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