The Last of Us – Complete Training Manual Locations Guide

The Last of Us – Complete Training Manual Locations Guide

Among the plethora of collectibles that you can find The Last of Us, the training manuals are one of the most important ones as it allows you to craft a more powerful and durable items.

When you receive a training manual, your next item that you will craft will be more efficient and powerful. If you found a health kit training manual, it’s efficiency in providing you health will be more. It’s important to get every training manual to make crafting useful.

Here are the list of locations where you can find the twelve training manuals:

Training Manual 1 – Shivs Upgrade (Bill’s Town)

The Last of Us - Training Manual 1

Before you leave the pub where you found Bill, look at the far end of the bar to find the manual. By getting this manual, you will upgrade your Shivs, which it will make it more sharpened.

Training Manual 2 – Health Kit Upgrade (Pittsburgh)

Right after you defeat the first Hunters who attack your truck, open the garage door in the corner to move on. Go to the second floor where you find the Hunter’s camp. You will find the training manual that gives 33% more health on the shelves to the left.

Training Manual 3 – Shivs Upgrade 2 (Pittsburgh)

You must first find the safe combination in one of the houses. Once you find the combination, you will be able to open the safe and the training manual that makes your shiv stronger will be there.

Training Manual 4 – Melee Weapon Upgrade (Pittsburgh)

The Last of Us - Training Manual 4

Once you exit the restaurant, return to the first floor. Go into the hall and find the training manual on the table. This is not easy to miss. Upon getting the training manual, every melee weapon that you get, you can craft it to make it even more powerful.

Training Manual 5 – Molotov Upgrade (Pittsburgh)

The Last of Us - Training Manual 5

At the apartment where you meet Henry and Sam, go to the kitchen to find the Molotov upgrade on the table. When you get this manual, it will make your molotov’s radius be 1.5 times wider.

Training Manual 6 – Nail Bomb Upgrade (The Suburbs)

The Last of Us - Training Manual 6

As you team up with Henry and Sam in getting out of the sewer, look for a door protected by some sort of a sound alarm. Go through the corner and you will find the training manual lying on the shelves. Getting this manual will expand the radius of the Nail Bomb by 1.5 times.

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