The Last of Us – Complete Tools Location Guide

In The Last of Us, there are a lot of ways to survive the harsh environment. Aside from doing melee attacks to the enemies that you find in the game, you can also use weapons. To make the weapons more efficient and powerful, upgrading it is a must.

In order to upgrade weapons, you must find the tools that’s needed. Each weapon can go up to five levels and if have enough of the scraps that you find lying around the world, you can make your weapons more powerful. All five tools that are needed to complete a more complex upgrades can be found in one of the rooms that you’ll venture to. If you have a keen eye, you will spot then, if not, we got the guide for you.

Tools 1 – Bill’s Town

The Last of Us - Tools 1

The Level 1 Tool can be found in the Church Basement in Bill’s Town chapter.

Tools 2 – Pittsburgh

Right after the fight scene with the hunters, the level 2 tool can be found in the storage room.

Tools 3- The Suburbs

The Last of Us - Tools 3

The third Tools can be found inside the sewer. Right after Ellie fixes the generator, Joel, Henry, and Sam will ride across the moving platform. Once they get through, look for an equipment room. Enter it and you’ll get the tools to make your weapon upgrades reach level 3.

Tools 4- The University

The Last of Us - Tools 4

Find the fourth tool in the second floor of the Science Building. Make sure you have a SHIV with you as you will need it to enter the locked room.

Tools 5- The Bus Depot

The Last of Us - Tools 5

Find the last tool in a FEDRA Triage tent in the Bus Depot.

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  1. Calum
    June 16, 2013, 11:51 AM

    there’s a tools upgrade in the back of the truck in that town that you loot before you meet the sniper

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  2. Mark Fajardo
    June 16, 2013, 12:06 PM

    Which one? There are only five tools that you can get in the game and we listed them here.

    If we are missing something, let us know! Thanks

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  3. Meanraiden
    June 30, 2013, 2:59 PM

    June 16, 2013, 11:51 AM

    there’s a tools upgrade in the back of the truck in that town that you loot before you meet the sniper


    Yeah, seems like if you miss one, there will appear anotherone someplace near, found the one in the sewers but died and had to restart, i figured to hell with it and just sneaked to the exit, later remembered i had forgot to “retake it”, but i was happily surprised when i found it minutes later in the pickup truck in the suburbs.

    i guess its a “safety feature” so you’ll still have a chance to get all 5 levels but i dont know for a fact coz i havent finished the game yet.

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  4. Betaswitch
    June 30, 2013, 9:27 PM

    I found #3 between some bunk beds while looking around the sewers after getting separated from Ellie.

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