How to Get Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold for Free on the PSN

Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold

 Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold

If you missed out on yesterdays God of War 1 & 2 error, it seems that another game can be obtained for free too. This time it isn’t as good, but you can obtain Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold for free, by doing the following steps.

How to Obtain Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold for Free

  1. Make sure you have a PlayStation eye and PlayStation Move. The game WILL NOT load or be playable if you lack either of these tools.
  2. Download and install the official demo off the PlayStation Store (US is the only one confirmed at the moment).
  3. Sync your PlayStation Move and start up a game. Be warned, this light game is extremely dated and you might not be interested in playing more after the demo.
  4. The demo will last a few minutes or till you die, which ever one happens first.
  5. After finishing the demo, the game will prompt you to buy the game. Select yes and you’ll be directed to the PlayStation Store.
  6. You should see two listings for the full game, the first will say free, where as the other will have the correct price. Simply select the free one and you’ll get the games unlock code.
  7. Install the unlock code and you’re done.


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  • JSin

    This doesn’t appear to be working anymore. When I get to the game on the PSN store, there is only an option for Buy, which puts a $7.99 version in my cart. I don’t see how to get the free version anymore instead :(

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